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Nouvelle Candle Company

Tuscan Urn

Tuscan Urn

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Immerse Your Space in the Allure of Nouvelle Candle's Signature Tuscan Urn Candle in Ivory Cream Crackle - A Gem from Our Exclusive Signature and Holiday Collection, Harmonizing Design and Enchanting Home Fragrance!

Presenting our Tuscan Urn Candle, a true masterpiece from our Signature Collection that seamlessly marries visual aesthetics with captivating scent.

Key Features:

1. Signature Elegance: Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of our Signature Tuscan Urn Candle, an embodiment of style and captivating fragrance.

2. Artistic Tuscan Urn Design: Housed in a Tuscan urn-inspired vessel, this candle exudes timeless beauty, becoming a centerpiece that harmonizes aesthetics and ambiance.

3. 12-Ounce Capacity: The 12-ounce size ensures a generous burn time, allowing you to indulge in the captivating fragrance throughout your moments.

4. Curated Fragrance: Our carefully crafted signature scent envelops your surroundings with an inviting aroma, transforming your space into a fragrant haven.

Why Choose Nouvelle Candle's Signature Tuscan Urn Candle from the Holiday and Signature Collection:

  • Elegant Centerpiece: Elevate your space with this Tuscan urn-inspired candle, a centerpiece that combines visual allure with captivating fragrance.
  • Scented Artistry: Immerse yourself in the pleasure of captivating fragrance, creating an ambiance that resonates with sophistication and home fragrance.
  • Design Fusion: The fusion of Tuscan urn design and curated fragrance makes this candle an exceptional addition to your decor, capturing both beauty and enticing scent.

Product Details:

1. Collection: Signature & Holiday

2. Candle Type/Size: Urn, 4”High 3.5”Diameter, 12 oz

3. Burn Time: 55-65 Hours

4. Color: Ivory Cream Crackle

Nouvelle Candle's Signature Tuscan Urn Candle from the Signature and Holiday Collection redefines fragrance elegance. Illuminate your space with artistic design and captivating scent, transforming your surroundings into an indulgent sensory experience that resonates with both aesthetics and home fragrance.

Elevate Ambiance, Embrace Elegance - Shop Now at Nouvelle Candle!

*Available in ALL Fragrances. 


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