Marble & Signature Collection:

BLACKBERRIES & BASIL: Ripe blackberries offer both a tart and sweet representation when paired with fresh garden basil. Warm amber & musk complete this exhilarating creation.


 BULGARIAN ROSE & BERRIES: The tangy bite of freshly picked black currant berries blended seamlessly with flowering Turkish roses.


COASTAL COVE: This tranquil aroma transports the senses to languid afternoons spent at water's edge.Clean and subtle.


COTON: Fine French Linens for the most distinctive connoisseur. 


CREPE MYRTLE: Narcotic in its allure, a landmark in southern landscapes for centuries.This unique intermingling of white honeysuckle, light citrus, and exotic green wood is truly captivating.


EROS: This enticing, fascinating fragrance exudes the soaring scents of Freesia and Orange Blossom balanced with Patchouli, Bergamot, and Cypress. Sensual, warm and irresistible.


FEMME FATALE: A deep combination of various woods, softly perfumed with notes of Rose and Jasmine. Thoroughly dangerous and utterly sensual.


FRENCH KISS: Fill your space with juicy pomegranate and guaiac wood. A seductive blend sure to delight the senses.


FRESH LINEN: The revitalizing scent of clean, fresh linen, windswept from an afternoon on the clothesline in the Summer sun. Crisp and pleasing.


GARDENIA: A signature Southern scent. A mellow floral presentation, with subtle undertones of greenery .


GRAPEFRUIT BLACKBERRY: Ripe, luscious ruby red grapefruit blended with tartness of blackberry and currant. A perennial best seller! 


HYACINTH & CASHMERE: A floral green with vegetal aquatic accents, combined with warm and spicy notes.


L'ORANGE ET FLEURS: The heady sweetness of orange blossoms in full bloom of Spring, coupled with the succulent citrus of Valencia oranges just before picking. Braced with a light touch of Vanilla, this is perfect...


LAGOON : Let this lascivious medley of Sicilian bergamot, geranium, jasmine, rose petals, and white musk transport you to your inner Club Med!


LAVENDER LIME: Field-grown fresh lavender infused with the sharpness of lime blossoms, Lively, fresh and restorative.


MADEMOISELLE: Our tribute to the independent women. Asiatic patchouli blended with rich chocolate finished with a hint of Parisian perfume. Truly exotic.


MAHOGANY & TOBACCO: The essence rich mahogany and amber, with soft undertones of patchouli. Warm and masculine, this is the perfect fragrance for the study or drawing room.


MINTED BASIL: The sweet, yet spicy fragrance of Madera Country Basil Mint is a perfect compliment for casual, social and dining gatherings. This has become a perennial favorite in our fragrance catalog!


MOON ROAD: A cool fragrance with a spicy finish. Watery notes, lightly brushed with nutmeg and cinnamon.


MONSIEUR: What a man should smell like.....  Violet leaf, sage and ambrette seed blend with cardamom , pepper, black tea & birch leaf with a grand finale of vetiver & sandalwood mmm......


NEW ORLEANS: Alluring and historic, this mysterious fragrances is a blend of patchouli, kumquat, and zesty sandalwood.


PAPERWHITE & HONEY: This dazzling and assertive scent of fresh paperwhites, accented with soft notes of honey and vanilla. This bold floral with its big fragrance throw is the perfect choice for scenting large spaces.


PEELED SUGARCANE: This fragrance is a beautiful mix of the fields of sugarcane, rippling and trembling in the breezes of late summer. Enjoy the natural sweetness this scent offers!


POMEGRANATE PEEL & AMBER: The sharpness of sun-kissed ripe pomegranate peel blended with warm, rich amber notes finished with a hint of line.


RED GINGER & HEMP: A glorious pairing of soothing red ginger, anchored by the herbal earthiness of Moncorvo hemp. Languid and seductive.


SEA SALTED LEMONS: This perfect alliance of invigorating sea salt and exuberant lemon, with notes of basil, finished with a light brush of orange and eucalyptus.


SWEET OLIVE:  Green wood notes intermingled with hints of floral, inspire this zesty and powerful fragrance. Finished with a touch of vetiver, sweet and radiant.


TUSCAN CURRANT: The tartness of black currant combined with cassis create this truly unusual fragrance. Completed with sparking notes of lime. One of our top two best- selling fragrances!


VANILLA SANTAL: The ultimate indulgence Vanilla & Santal merge smoothly, creating a warm & sensual experience.


VIN ROUGE: One of the most unique fragrances ever imagined. The true essence of Tuscany. Let your senses indulge in the aroma of the finest red wine boasting subtle notes of orange blossom, strawberry, wild berries and birch wood.




Holiday Collection: