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Holiday French Urn, Large Ivory

Holiday French Urn, Large Ivory

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Elevate Your Holiday Ambiance with our Large Ivory French Urn Candle - Embrace the Festive Season with Exquisite Home Fragrance!

Welcome to Nouvelle Candle, where holiday magic meets premium home fragrance. Introducing our Large Ivory French Urn Candle from our exclusive Holiday Collection, a statement piece that embodies elegance and captivates your senses with enchanting scents.

Key Features:

1. Holiday Opulence: From our special Holiday Collection, this Large Ivory French Urn Candle is the epitome of festive elegance, adding a touch of seasonal magic to your space.

2. French Urn Inspiration: Inspired by classic French urn design, this candle serves as an exquisite decorative piece that seamlessly blends with your holiday décor.

3. Ivory Sophistication: The ivory color exudes timeless grace, making it a versatile addition to your festive styling, whether you're going for traditional or contemporary themes.

4. Sublime Fragrance: Immerse yourself in the delight of our unique holiday fragrance, designed to evoke warmth and joy, creating a truly immersive festive atmosphere.

5. Generous Size: The large size ensures an extended burn time, allowing you to relish the holiday fragrance and ambiance for hours on end.

Why Choose Nouvelle Candle's Large Ivory French Urn Candle from the Holiday Collection:

  • Festive Elegance: Infuse your holiday celebrations with the charm of our Holiday Collection's centerpiece, radiating a blend of sophistication and seasonal cheer.
  • Scented Delight: Experience the joy of a curated holiday fragrance that fills your space with the essence of the festive season, igniting joyful memories.
  • Decor and Fragrance in One: The fusion of design and fragrance makes this candle an ideal holiday gift that brings both aesthetic and sensory pleasure.

Product Details:

1. Fragrance: Holiday

2. Size: Large

3. Color: Ivory

Nouvelle Candle's Large Ivory French Urn Candle from the Holiday Collection encapsulates the spirit of the season through its design and fragrance. Elevate your holiday décor and ambiance with this statement piece, infusing your home with festive delight and captivating scents.

Embrace Festive Charm, Indulge in Luxury - Shop Now at Nouvelle Candle!

*Available in all Holiday Fragrances!

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